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Soléna aims to become more powerful.
She therefore joins a village without much interest so as not to attract the curiosity of the guilds.
In her villages, she meets the Crépuscule Guild, a guild that only recruits people rejected by society or others.
However with the war Soléna and these new friends who profile the threats on the horizon Crépuscule decides,
to become the number 1 guild but they have work to achieve it.
Follow the adventures of Soléna who wants to become supreme mage of the king’s court,
the most powerful mage in the whole kingdom.​

Thread Updated: 2024-06-23
Release Date: 2024-06-20
Developer: Axel Shive – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: S1E9 v0.09
OS: Android
Language: English

S1E9 v0.09
I just finished version 0.09 of “Crépuscule.” In this update, I include:

  • Episode 9
  • Quest 1 and 2, part 5
  • 10 new achievements
  • A new activity zone

For version 0.10, I plan to add:

  • Episode 10
  • Quest 3 and 4 (if time permits)
  • Perhaps some additional achievements, I’ll think about it

Download for ANDROID

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