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You step into the shoes of a young and gifted individual with a divine and royal lineage. The story takes place in the enchanting world of Terra, where humans coexist with mythical creatures and powerful deities.

You’ll embark on a thrilling journey where destiny (pun intended) intertwines with desire. Since birth, you were destined to bring greatness to the Tramonto Empire as its prince, blessed by the seed of the Goddess of Destiny herself. But soon after your birth, the Tramonto Empire and its queen, who is your mother, met their doom at the hands of The Sweet Death, recruited by the demonic Buio Empire.

During the attack, a royal knightess managed to escape from the burning kingdom to bring you to safety. As the knightess was afraid they might’ve found them, she put you in a basket and trusted it to the winds of a lake. The lake led you to a small village of the Luce Empire, predominantly habituated by elves, where an elven woman named found you. She took care of you and two other girls, an elf named and an amazon around your same age. After you grew up and became an adult, you decided to become an adventurer of a guild named Destiny’s Embrace. The story starts from there, the divine prodigy ready to build his own large harem full of hot girls of different species, aiming to become… THE STRONGEST!

Thread Updated: 2024-06-28
Release Date: 2024-06-28
Developer: yqmo Patreon
Censorship: No
Version: 0.5.0
OS: Android
Language: English


  • A new event with Dalmata has been added to the game.
  • A new event with Umeko has been added to the game.
  • Himari’s first event has been completely revamped with better renders, animations and dialogues.
  • Three new events with Himari have been added to the game.
  • 2 NSFW Scenes have been added to the Side Story.
  • The Girls Menu has finally been added to the game.
  • An event-hint system has been added to the Girls Menu.
  • Biographies about the girls have been added to the Girls Menu.
  • Girls’ stats are now visible, and have been added to the Girls Menu. (Note: Stats will only be important for the upcoming events with unlockable events based off their relationship stats, which will increase with future repeatable events.)
  • GUI has been completely revamped and improved.
  • The navigation system is now smoother.
  • The Inventory system has ONLY temporarily been removed from the game.
  • The dialogue text-boxes, choice-boxes, texts, design and font have been improved.
  • Some grammar mistakes have been fixed in previous content.
  • The Main Menu has been completely replaced and improved.
  • Credits list updated. (Updated at 25/6/24)
  • The logo has been changed.
  • NEW: Slightly changed the Side Story quests sequence. (Now you’ll have to have completed all the other Side Story events, before starting Himari’s new events.)
  • And more smaller changes!

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