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Game name change from Extra life to Goodbye Eternity
What if you had a new chance in life? What if you could make it better than all those years of misery and harassment?
What if you could get revenge on all the people who wronged you and get what you always desired….
What will you do, with this chance as you wake up in a youthful body, thirty years in the past?
The choice is yours.
Formerly Known as Extra Life​

Thread Updated: 2024-06-28
Release Date: 2024-06-28
Developer: RNGeusEX – Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: 0.9
OS: Android
Language: English, French, Russian

## Major changes

The Engine has changed from Ren’Py to Godot.

The new engine **requires Vulkan support**. For PCs, it means having a GPU that is newer than GTX 700 series, and for smartphones it means having Android 10 or above. More information about recommended specs below in **Modified**.

As such, saves made during 0.8.1 and earlier versions will **not** work.

This engine is not a final version, and has some missing features that will come back at a later point in time. However, saves **will stay compatible between versions**, unless major corruptions occur.

Some crashes are known to occur, especially when changing scenes. This will be solved at a later point in time, so this release could still be released. As such, **make sure you save frequently**. The skip text feature increases the crashing probabilities.

## Added

* Noriko’s femdom route
* 4 animations
* 29 animation variants
* 2 CGs
* 6 CG variants
* 5 new locations
* 10 characters sprites in various backgrounds
* Asami friendship route
* This route does not include any sexual content, but may be required for some later characters…
* Options to reject Sakuya’s advances during her route
* New preferences have been added to the core engine
* New saves UI
* Date, time and playtime are shown
* Ability to rename saves by clicking the renaming button

## Modified

* New game recommended specs:
* Windows/Linux: 64-bit 4-core CPU, 6GB RAM, GTX 960 or above
* MacOS Sierra 10.12 or above
* Android: Android 10, 4GB RAM (3GB has been seen to work, but may crash)

* Some animations have changed to Spine animations. They are smoother, consume less resource to run, and save disk space
* Due to technical limitations for lower-end hardware and phones, animations not using Spine animations have been downgraded to 1080p 30fps.
* We are planning to remake **all** animations to Spine animations, which will improve aspects stated above. We’re sorry for this downgrade, which may last a few versions before every animation has been remade.
* Pubic hair options has been moved from skins (why the hell did Selenyhr think it was a good idea?!) to a preference category “Visuals > Character pubes”
* Noriko’s and Asami’s dialogue sprites don’t currently have their pubes
* Some older CGs for these two characters don’t have pubes either
* Events hints have been changed from the one-per-character mode, to a single main events line
* Time indicator has been added to help with some events that require a specific time frame. This will show red if the current game time does not allow to progress the events line, and bubbles will show the expected times

New game data locations:

* Windows: `%appdata%Godotapp_userdataGoodbye Eternity`
* Linux: `~/.local/share/godot/app_userdata/Goodbye Eternity/`
* MacOS: `~/Library/Application Support/Godot/app_userdata/Goodbye Eternity/`
* Android is a mess to access apps data

## Missing/planned features

* Skins, to modify the characters clothings during events
* They will no longer be required to be externally installed. We’re planning on making them a core part of the game
* Downloading translations from our Weblate server straight into the game
* For now, externally downloaded translations can be applied to the game by dropping Weblate files into the correct folder. Installation instructions will be provided along with files once translations achieve 100% progress.
* Better UI for mobile
* Some parts can be tough to read/touch on smaller devices
* Better accessibility preferences
* GUI scaling
* Text-to-speech implementation
* Colorblindness options
* Visual sound description
* Anti-epilepsy mode
* Dyslexia-friendly fonts

## Known issues, planned to resolve

* Crashing issues, especially with skipping.
* Linux random crashing soon after start when using Wayland.
* 30fps visuals for older animations.
* On low pixel-count screens, windows can exceed the maximum available size. If this happens, press `Windows + Up` to force the window to go to your maximum screen size.

Cheats Codes:

more = +5000¥

MacumbaEverywhere = Try this, trust me

Download for ANDROID

c6duchsardib h9is89vdiqkf    l06n3vurm5u3

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