Innocent Au-pair: Restart [v0.25] Download APK

Innocent Au-pair: Restart

The story restarts the original game. David’s wife, Ala, decides to hire a girl to help with household chores. To make it more cost-effective, she also opts to hire an au pair. How this decision will affect them is something we’re about to discover.

Step into the shoes of David, a local businessman, or Alex, his son, as you navigate the ebbs and flows of family dynamics, business operations, and personal relationships. Watch as David and Alex each try to impress Tasha, a new arrival au-pair in their family who tries to find her own journey. All under the watchful eye of Ala, who commands her own space in this lovely family.​

Thread Updated: 2024-07-12
Release Date: 2024-07-12
Developer: D&D visual Patreon
Version: 0.25OS
: Android
Language: English

v 0.25

  • 1093 story-related images.
  • 4 new scenes with Tasha.
  • 2 mini scenes with Alla.
  • 2 mini scenes with Tasha.
  • Option (at the start of the game) to change the names of the main characters.
  • Option to jump to act 2 (new version).
  • Other scenes or renders from previous builds which are not included will be either reworked or uploaded along the way.

Important Note:

  • Saves are going to be compatible only with v 0.21 but not later versions. So, saves from previous builds will not work.

Download for ANDROID

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