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Lycoris Radiata

As a result of an plane crash, MC loses his memories.
The only thing he remembers and that haunts him in his dreams are the words of a woman, to live.
MC tries to accept his new life, but one day he receives a letter that turns his life upside down.
He learns that there is someone who knows about his past.​

Thread Updated: 2024-07-02
Release Date: 2023-06-25
Developer: Kuro Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Chapter 7
OS: Android
Language: English

Chapter 7
As this update will be the last one made in Studio Neo 2 using HS2 models, I made it the biggest one yet.
This chapter will introduce many new characters, including ones that were mentioned before but didn’t have a chance to enter the stage and those that will play significant roles in the future of Lycoris Radiata.
There will be two QTE events, one for Ren and another for Inei.
Some side stories and a deep dive into the Sculptor case, which will be the main focus of this arc. A new approach for renders will be introduced: a blueprint for a more traditional VN style of story portrayal using sprite-type renders in scenes with multiple characters.
20 new unlockable CGs.
Chinese Translation by Black_Red.

Download for ANDROID

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