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Private Lives

Alex is an amateur writer with a vision and the will to publish the most notorious erotic novel of all times…
But there’s a problem with that! A profound lack of inspiration.​

Thread Updated: 2024-06-28
Release Date: 2024-06-28
Developer: Petardo – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.25
OS: Android
Language: English

· Alaina’s story (female-MC only).
· Adelle’s story.
· Chiara’s story.
· Zahra’s double story
· Amanda’s secret scene.
· Chance for male-MC scenes with Laura, Penelope, and Claude.
· Chance for female-MC scenes with Marissa, David and Claude.
· MC’s scenes can now be unlocked by Lady Moonshine and can be replayed in her gallery after completing a little quest for her..
· Only one good ending (there’s a few exceptions) is needed to unlock any scene in Moonshine’s gallery. No need to buy a scene you have already played anymore.
· You can now do stuff in the night club, and added the beach as a new location.
· Lots of new interactions with many characters such as Brandon, David, Laura, Penelope, Tarja, Claude, Amanda… etc.
· 1199 new renders.
· 297 new animated loops.
· 127 new character sprites.
· 4 new music tracks.
· As always, more stuff I may have forgot I implemented…

Download for ANDROID

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