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The Pilgrimage

Between her adventures with famous commander Tali Zorah went to her pilgrimage to help quarian Flotilla. What can goes wrong? Seems like everything.​

Thread Updated: 2024-06-16
Release Date: 2024-06-16
Developer: Messman 
Censored: No
Version: 2.05
OS: Android
Language: English

Game update. Version 2.05

Previous save files must work.

Nyun’s rescue mission.

Available for apes and varrens game over+. For apes, Tali needs to stay more than 5 days. For varrens fail to run away twice. After this the Nyun’s mission will trigger.

  • Battle fuck animations for three possible enemies. Nyun can check the engine room, warehouse and pool. Each enemy has 2 sets of animations after grabbing.
  • Wormhole ability animations for three enemies during battle-fuck. Also 2 sets for each. These scenes work differently and don’t interrupt between attacks. You can win the battle with just using this ability twice. And I set it like next time it will be a different set of animations. So you can check both for one battle.
  • Tali scenes during Nyun’s mission. Triggers when Nyun checks any location after battle.
  • Nyun scenes if she loses the battle. After three attempts Nyun will find the enemy who grabbed Tali and fight them.
  • Game over scenes for apes and varrens with Tali and Nyun. Goes just after the Nyun scene.

Other content:

  • Shower bugs scene for high lewd Tali. Same activation like scenes in previous update, but need lewd more than 50.
  • Wormhole scene in training grounds. If you already found the location, just skip 5 days and speak with Nyun while she is training. She will ask for help and the scene will trigger when you click on the back button. Low lewd Tali will help Nyun. High lewd want to fuck. This scene is necessary to make the wormhole ability available for Nyun during her mission.
  • Low lewd scene for ape in barracks in case Tali loses the battle. Facefuck.
  • High lewd scene for ape in barracks in case Tali hides behind the curtain. Anal.
  • Red varren scene in cargo scanner for high lewd (> 50) Tali. Just check it in the warehouse.
  • Red varren high lewd level scene in varrens den. Tali needs to be > 75 lewd. In this case the forward direction arrow will be available on event start.
  • New scene for apes in their den if Tali checks the box. It’s a continuation of an old scene. Need to continue checking the box on the first day.
  • New day for slugs game over+. As before, low and high lewd variations are available.
  • New Zeltan and Tali scene in a bar. Become available after the first party. Talk with him – another option is available.
  • Scene with Jesora in her cabin. If Tali lewd level more than 50 there will be a new option available.
  • New background image for bay-2 hangar.

Download for ANDROID

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